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Together Scalefree & Ignition would like to invite you to join a collaborative community dedicated to empowering Data Vault 2.0 Professionals as they develop better, faster more cost-effective Data Management practices. We aim to challenge convention and stimulate debate to help you innovate and collaborate within your enterprise, and beyond.

This is an opportunity to get involved, connect with industry peers, and access the best in digital Data Vault capabilities - from across the globe.

The two of us are very excited about the opportunity to build this community, please let us know if you have any questions or how you might want to contribute. And remember, membership is being offered at no-cost.


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What you'll get access to:

Developed as a collaboration with the Data Vault Alliance, the community is here to support our peers, as you optimise today's data operations, innovate in the near-term and digitally transform using data over the longer-term.


Content to stimulate debate

Access exclusive leadership talks, roundtables and articles. Featuring industry-expert insights, panel discussions and interactive polls, along with content on the macro-level digital trends that are impacting the informati.

Connect with a diversity of ideas around the issues that matter to innovation in your industry, and examine practical ways to collaborate to solve these issues.


Connecting you no matter where you are

Recognising that gathering together in one room is continuing to evolve, coupled with the need to bring professionals, with specific interests, together across wide geographies, we are planning to providing members with a variety of in-person meetups, interactive forums and collaborative discussions.

We want to do this in way where no one is disadvantaged being remote but also provide ways for us to gather in groups safely. Regular online and offline events are planned across the year.


Gain Access to DV2 Specific Solutions

The marketplace is somewhere to source expert help and advice, explore solutions tailored to your particular interest, access curated educational courses, and the latest industry intelligence.

The DV2 solutions, expert services, courseware and consulting services have been brought together specifically to help you and your enterprise innovate more effectively. 

The goal of the marketplace is to empower you holistically, as you innovate using information.


Connect with the pivotal resources to innovate

The community aims to bring together the people and talent that enable innovation to happen with Data Vault.

From information management and analytics experts, to the interdisciplinary talent needed, along with the intellectual capital in the form of frameworks, methods and tools needed to make any given initiative happen successfully.


Are you ready to make a difference?

Developed to support Information Pioneers, Data Wranglers and Digital Leaders on their professional journey to Learn, Connect and Excel as DV2 practitioners.

The #DVInnovators Community gives you access to first-hand insights from industry peers, relevant expertise, and digital business solutions developed using DV2.

Perspectives on DV Innovation

First-hand insights, practical lessons and best practices using Data Vault to manage information better, faster and more cost effectively.

Nols Ebersohn


Nols has deep expertise in Information Management and the supporting information architectures. His skills have been honed across the financial and accommodation industries over the last 22 years. A keen focus on IM problem areas over the years have led to an in-depth understanding of the issues, their place within the overall Enterprise Architecture and the necessary solutions to overcome the issues faced by organisations.
He is an expert Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence practitioner with experience across key tool sets including IBM Infosphere, SAS Data Integration Server, SQL server and Pentaho.
An authorised Data Vault 2.0 Certified Practitioner Trainer he has functioned as Manager, team lead, technical lead, advisor, architect and platform owner across the roles he has held.

Vincent McBurney


Vincent is an experienced Information Architect who has contributed in different roles on Information and Insight projects for over twenty years spanning the Netherlands, USA and Australia.
A thought leader on Information and Insight as a competitive advantage for organisations.
Vincent has been applying the Data Vault methodology to Data Warehousing since 2006 for a Data Warehouse that is highly automated and provides rapid delivery through disciplined agile techniques. He has helped organisations achieve compliance with Information Governance standards such as DMBoK, Non-Invasive Governance, APRA and CPG 235.
An expert in IBM Information Integration and Governance software. He has extensive experience in IBM IIG and Analytics platforms and a leading expert on the IBM Information Server suite.

Dan Linstedt


Dan Linstedt is the inventor of the Data Vault Architecture and Data Vault 2.0. He is a world- renowned expert in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence with over 30 years of IT experience.
He has assisted Fortune 50 companies including Nike, AXA Insurance, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank, GM Financial. He also assists government agencies including: US Air Force, US Department of Defense, US Naval Intelligence, Swedish Air Force, US Center for Medicare and Medicaid, US Congress, Edmonton Police Services .
The Data Vault System of Business Intelligence was born out of necessity for NASA, the NSA, and Lockheed Martin Astronautics. It contains best practices from Disciplined Agile Delivery, Six Sigma, TQM, and SEI/CMMI level 5.

Julien Redmond

Information Management Practice Entrepreneur

With decades of experience in the IT industry, Julien is passionate about helping clients understand how they can improve business processes and redefine customer experiences, by moving their organisations quickly up the information management maturity curve.
He is an advocate for utilising Data Vault 2.0 and Master Data Management to improve the speed, cost and effectiveness of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.
As a change agent he works with a consulting team to draw upon wide and deep domain expertise in Data Management & Governance, Single Customer View, Big Data, and all things Analytics - all with a singular focus to help clients create high-value iterative business solutions.

The Data Vault 2.0 System of Business Intelligence is ground-breaking... again! It incorporates concepts from massively parallel architectures, Big Data, real-time and unstructured data.
Bill Inmon
Father of Data Warehousing
With Data Vault 2.0 we've been able to demonstrate a smooth transition from our on-prem data warehouse while reducing cost.
Jim Guppy
Data Engineering Manager
Robert Walters

Partnering to support DV professional development

Scalefree, a leader in Data Vault 2.0™ Services in Europe, and Ignition, the leading provider of DV2 expert services in Australasia, partner together in the development of the Data Vault Innovators Community (DVIC).
DVIC is a collaborative community dedicated to empowering Data Vault professionals as they develop better, faster, and more cost-effective data management practices.

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